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This book draws you in from the very first word and holds on to you until it grabs you at the end and it leaves you wanting to beg the author for the next book. I need to know!!!! I don't know where to begin because I loved so much about it. Olivia is someone I would love as a friend. She is an absolute sweetheart and then she finds out Evan isn't the perfect boyfriend she thought he was. Feeling betrayed she has to start again. Enter Chase who is as close to perfect as they come and does everything he can to help Olivia get over Evan and move on. Their chemistry is combustible and you feel it jump off the pages. I cannot believe this is a debut book, it is sooooo well done. The drama and heat factor is through the roof. This is one not to miss but be warned there is a cliffhanger that makes you feel like you were just on a rollercoaster approaching that first drop and bammmmmmmm, the story is on hold until book 2.

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